1973 Schwinn

I’ve wanted a cruiser bike for a while now. Something that I could just hop on and take to the grocery store, coffee shop, library…  I love my road bike for warm summer afternoons when I want to put on some serious miles, but I was kind of longing for something that didn’t require me to carry a change of footwear in my backpack.

Enter: This beauty!

1973 Schwinn

Pat found out that his boss was selling it on Craigslist and snatched it up. I love it! I’ve been on a couple of inaugural trips, and it’s *almost* everything I’ve dreamed of! It’s only missing one thing. A basket! Ok, maybe it’s also missing a couple of playing cards stuck in the back tire.

I haven’t decided if I want something on the front or pannier type baskets on the back wheel. I feel like the pannier style could fit more groceries in them without it being super unstable, but the front basket makes me want to put Murphy in it* and sing the witch’s song from Wizard of Oz. Would both be too much?

I found a great basket on my first google search that of course I didn’t save and now I can’t find anywhere. It had two metal baskets on either side with a small flat area over the back tire where you could attach extra items if needed.

I’ve got some time. Soon all of the streets will be snow covered and my new little bike will have to live in the garage until spring, but maybe in the meantime the power of the internets can help me find the perfect basket for it?

*My dog is so glad that he’s far too big for a basket right now.

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One response to “1973 Schwinn”

  1. Ann says :

    This bicycle is great!

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