ready for our close up

I dug through my entire computer and my phone and what you see above are all of the photos that I could find of Pat and I together. You probably see a theme.  In an effort to just document a moment, we’ve gotten pretty good at sticking an arm out in front of us or if we’re really ambitious, using the self timer. When you put them all together though,  it’s a pretty boring compilation.

Fortunately, that’s all about to change! Today we got to spend the afternoon with the very talented Christy Tyler.  We were  both a little nervous going into it, not knowing what to expect and never having had any professional photos taken. We’re a pretty schmoopie couple at home but I didn’t know if that would really translate when in front of someone with a camera.  Especially since, of the two of us, Pat’s a little more on the shy side.  Fortunately Christy is so kind and laid back, she put us at ease right away.  We both left saying that it was really fun.  As we were walking back to the car, Pat even said, “I didn’t even realize there were people walking by until about 45 minutes into it.”

Even little Murphy got in on the action! Can’t wait to see the results!!

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10 responses to “ready for our close up”

  1. d-day says :

    oh my gosh you guys are adorable. I can’t wait to see the photos Christy took!!

  2. liz says :

    oh man, i’m so excited for you! our collection of “us” photos is much the same- i’m a little jealous of you!

  3. Becky (Princess Mikkimoto) says :

    You better post them.

    You guys are WAY better at taking pictures of yourself than Matt and I. I’m impressed!

  4. nikki says :

    our photos are the same, too. like, the only pictures from our honeymoon that we’re both in, you cannot even tell we’re in paradise – FAIL!

  5. nikki says :

    except I really want to know what was happening when you were blue and Pat had an arrow drawn on his forehead… 🙂

    • pinchofthis says :

      Seee! total fail right there. That photo doesn’t show the amazing-ness of that costume. Should definitely have used the self timer on that one.

      I was Handy Smurf and he was Gargomel!

      The arrow was supposed to be Gargomel’s weird eyebrows. Artists we are NOT.

  6. Ann says :

    It’s a commendable blog. Keep writing

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