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A Slice of Heaven

A to Z Pizza. Wow. This is such a jewel of a place. If you happen to be in the area, or are up for a little road trip, do not miss out on this experience. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Tuesday evening.

Here’s how a trip to A to Z Pizza generally works…
step 1. gather friends
step 2. head towards the smell of delicious pizza..pausing only to consult vague directions about exact location of pizza mecca, possibly soliciting locals for directions.
step 3. resist temptation to order “one of each” of the delcious combinations on the chalkboard. (or don’t!)
step 4. take in the beauty of the farm, the happy pigs and wonderful community being created on the lawn
step 5. pick up pizza from the wood fired brick oven and try to get a glimpse of the masterpiece in front of you before it dissappears!
step 6. with a happy belly and warmed heart pack up your trash and say goodbye until the next time.

Repeat as desired.

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**Warning** These photos may induce extreme salivating. Please take all necessary precautions. ie: bibs