I want to write


(in her natural habitat)

I want to write. I compose posts in my head on the way to work and then never seem to get them down. I think a big part of the problem is that I haven’t felt like I’ve wanted to write about what I’m cooking. Don’t get me wrong…I’ve been wanting to share an amazing quinoa salad with you all for a couple of months now, and I’d be happy to talk about how I’m making artichokes for the first time tonight, but I want to write about other things too. About how we’re planning a wedding for next summer, about how I’m feeling paralyzed by choice, about the best way to get rid of Japanese beetles on raspberries (anyone?), about puppies and maybe about how our cat is an amazing mouser as long as you don’t mind if the mouse is actually a baby bunny.
So here we go. I’m taking this in a new direction. If you’re coming along for the ride be prepared for some new topics. We’ll still be talking about food. I can’t stop myself, but there will be other topics too. I hope you’ll stick around. I’ll try to keep the dead bunny talk to a minimum.



One response to “I want to write”

  1. Donna says :

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who justifies blogging on my blog. A blog has to be more inclusive than one facet of our personalities, it just has to. I’m glad you’re writing about puppies, and weddings, and food. And I’m glad you compose blogs in your head that never make it to paper, err cyberspace.

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